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getting started

hey i've been looking for a good tattoo forum and this seems to be the best one i have found yet, but my question is i've always wanted to be a professional tattoo artist since i was in elementary school but gave up because i could'nt draw. i am 19 now and i started drawing again and i truly want to be a tattoo artist. i'm not very good at drawing still but i want to get an apprenticeship, but i'm afraid to approach a shop to get an apprenticeship not knowing how to draw well, if i'm just going to get shut down, or will they help me through drawing techniques too?? please help


RE:getting started

please help me with this
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RE:getting started

I am going to be honest here...
Not trying to be a jerk either.
Do you have any tattoos?
Think of it this way would you want someone who could not draw well to be tattooing you and leaving permanent markings on you?

Now I will say this...
Draw.... and keep drawing...
buy lots of art books
betty edwards- drawing on the right side of the brain
is a good place to start... it takes any pre existing skill and helps you improve on it.

Like I stated before im not trying to be a jerk, but that is just the first step... And it takes time.. I still have to draw mostly from references to push forward and practice my art abilities

There are alot of aspects
but I think Guy Aitchison said it best....
"you can have the best equipment possible
with the brightest and best pigments made
but if your artistry skills are not up to par, Then your wating your time..."

I believe this to be mostly true,
the only way around this is to take the time and practice and hone your artistic talent....
It will take time.... And effort to due so.
I hope the best for you and maybe some art books can help you out some on your drawing

Please again I am not trying to be a jerk in any way
but I do try to reiterate Magic drawings do not flow forth from tattoo machines.... But the "Artists" behind the machine that has taken lots of time to perfect there artistic talents before using a tattoo machine, Make it look easy..
It is not...
I hope that you are able to strengthen your art skills through art literature

Buy some decent quality paper
colored pencils and drafting pencils and enjoy creating images that over time may impress you and want you to keep on with the drawing for awhile.
Hope this helps
best of it all
Lord Hordak
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RE:getting started

Hey bro,

If you have a dream, don't let anything get in the way, the world meets nobody half way, If you want something ,you have to take it,
Drawing is not difficult, its just a matter of learning how. knowledge is your only obstacle. there are limitless techniques on the art of drawing, I would recommend that you start at the basics, "you'll have to earn your black belt" so to speak.

keep your focus strictly on drawing, and painting. don't look to much into tattooing until you have a better grasp at what it takes to be a good artist.

There are some tattoo artist out there that couldn't draw a portrait or animal , but have still learned how to tattoo and focus their tattooing ability on "flash" art only. more of a tracing, outlining and filling. don't get me wrong, flash art still requires a certain level of artistic talent, not everyone can do it well.
hope that helps bro, take care

stephen stacey

ps, here's a free lesson on drawing. :)
take any pencil and draw 3 squares, fill in the first square as dark as you can, fill in the second square 50% lighter than the first square, and fill in the third square 50% lighter than the second.
now draw 5 squares and try the same technique, try to get 5 different shades in each square using the "same pencil". now try 10 squares..... keep adding squares to test you limits of this exercise.
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RE:getting started

thank you so much, this is my first post on this forum and im extreamly happy with the responses. trust me i work on my drawing for as long as it takes i just didnt know if getting an apprenticeship early was the right way to go. thank you so much for you responses.
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RE:getting started

all of this was really helpful, if there are any more recommendations for help books and exercises, anything pretty much i would really appreciate.
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RE:getting started

hey bro here is a few of my favourites





I could send over 100 more, but I think you'll enjoy these.

hope this helps bro, take care

stephen stacey.
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RE:getting started

thank you so much stephen, i will probably be ordering most of these book very soon, your a great help
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