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blackest shit

here in germany we have had some problems with the intenze blacks....

the gouvernment called all intenze zuper blacks, lining blacks and true blacks BACK because they found some ingredients which can cause cancer on skin..... did you guys hear something like that in the USA ??

since all those inks are called back , all the good blacks are sold out...............

on the popular supplys is no good black available anymore, now i have to order my black from poland, i choosed DYNAMIC black for the 1st time now, i hope it wont disappoint me.
some other grey shades from popular brands are called back too, now we know why zuper black was such a good deep black..... 8[

i can tell you which batches/chargenumbers are the toxic inks:

Chargen BK31IMX40


Charge: BK 52IMX 40

if you can find this number on your zuper black bottle i would contact your supply!

btw, here is the link if you can read german:




RE:blackest shit

Over here in America everything causes cancer. Even our cell phones causes cancer!. We just don't give a shit at this point hehe
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RE:blackest shit

Oh man, that's right, germany sucks in this points, "oh no this could cause cancer and this too" we have to order everything back that company ever made.
I mean sure, it's all for the people, but I think the people should also have the option to choose their way of life.
As far as I know, the last controls about tattoo inks in germany were not exactly if the inks could cause skin-diseases, no it was about if the ink gets lasered away and if this could cause cancer or something else...
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