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bob tyrell byg set

Hello, I bought the Bob tyrell set, and I did just one tattoo, but I want to know the best way to use it or if is good or not, can someone that use it before tell me some advices?


RE:bob tyrell byg set

Sorry for my english and if someone use talens indian ink, aswell please some advices to do lines and byg with it.

Thanks again
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RE:bob tyrell byg set

Go get an apprenticeship you scratcher
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RE:bob tyrell byg set

Hey bro,

I'd like to tell you how I prefer to use it and how it works for me, but it will not answer your question. Here is a quote from the God of ink himself on his way of using this particular set up.

There's a couple different ways you can use it, which I'd like to explain real quick. If I'm using every bottle in the set, I'll use medium sized plastic ink cups. I'll set up 8 cups total - 7 medium sized cups, and 1 small #9 cup for the white.

I'll line up 6 cups together, and put 1 cup a little away from the other 6 cups. The cup that's moved away is for Dimension Black. The next cup is for Sculpting Black, followed by Dark Tone, Medium Tone, Light Tone, and 2 cups of straight distilled water. The small cup for White I put behind the black set-up.

Confused yet? Haha! I only use the Dimension Black for any solid black that I'm doing in the tattoo, whether it be a portrait, custom demon or whatever.

When I want to blend into some shade of gray from the solid black, I switch to Sculpting Black, blending that out from the Dimension Black. From there you can start with the grays. Keep in mind there's no right or wrong way of doing things, and there's no magic technique for black and gray work. Everyone's technique is a little different, but we all try to achieve the same results, which is rich, smooth black and gray!

When I'm working, I don't just dip into one cup at a time. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I dip into two cups at the same time to get a different value. Using water is very important, and you can buy a separate empty bottle from INTENZE if you want it to match the rest of the set. Just re-fill it with straight distilled water.

The other way I use the ink, because I like to keep things simple, is to use the large plastic ink cups and set out 4 cups. 3 together, and 1 moved away a little which is for Dimension Black. The next 3 cups will be Sculpting Black, Medium Tone, and distilled water. I'm eliminating Dark Tone and Light Tone. I can achieve the same results, it's all in the way you dip. For less advanced artists, I'd get used to the first method first.

If you want to try the second method when you get comfortable, it's up to you. If you like the first method, you can stick with that. I have friends who are some of the best black and gray artists in the world, and some use a lot of cups, while some just use a cup of black and a cup of water.

Like I said, it's all in the way you dip. Remember, in tattooing there's no right or wrong way of doing things. Whatever works to get the job done as good as you can possibly do it!

If your just starting to learn how to do grey work, I would recommend that you start with just 4 large cups, fill one with black 100%, fill the second with 1/3 ink and the third with 2/3 ink, and the forth with just distilled water for the lightest shades. this is a very effective system that can be used on most skin types and skin colors.
remember that if you have a very light skin type, then you can use more drop ratios, because it will show up on that type of skin, but if you have a very dark skin type, all those extra cups with all those drop ratios is not going to matter, because if the persons skin is too dark you will not see the lighter shades,
always use a drop system that will give you the best contrast with the skin.
example. if you are doing a portrait on a very dark skin person, then all you need is a cup of black and a cup of water, every time you dunk into the cup of water, the lighter your shade will be, your only going to use the upper dark shade when you are tattooing a dark skin person.
now if you are tattooing a very light skin person, you can take advantage of adding more cup ratios to the tattoo, because it will show up on the skin. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
remember one of my favorite sayings by mike devries... "Most artist think that there is one BIG trick to tattooing that they are looking for, but the BIG trick is knowing all of the LITTLE tricks."

hope that helps bro, take care

stephen stacey
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RE:bob tyrell byg set

Thanks Superman, I bought that set long time ago, and I want to use it, I read all that in the instructions but I wanted to know how a normal tattoo artist use it, not bob tyrell cause as you told me before, is diferent a tattoo prodigy than a normal one.

And Neon, Im sure you are a scratcher or you have lots of self autoestime problems, a good artist and confident with his work would never talk like that, by the way Im in an apprenticeship, but they use talens and I want to use my bob tyrell set if possible cause is new.
And for what do you think is this forum, or any forum? to spit shit to the people that ask? Im sure you dont have the balls to spit your shit face to face, just behind another name, but maybe your psiclogist told you that this is a terapy, do it man, hope it works that you feel better with yourself.
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RE:bob tyrell byg set

Well said.
All the best artists in the world have good attitudes and are willing to help people out, its all about art, Not ego rock start attitude, which kinda gives Rockstars a bad name.
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