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black and grey with colour

hi i have seen a lot of black and grey tattoos which look like they have a tint of colour added to them eg say blue or plum please could u help me with this mike or superman or helmet or any body else that may now as iam wanting to try this method out , thanks


RE:black and grey with colour

hey bro,

I believe what you are referring to is what's known as a monochromatic tattoo. this is when you use the same tone of color for the entire tattoo, a good example of this would be the lion that MD did as part of a Narnia leg sleeve he did a while back.


usually when you want to do something like this you would convert an image into a monochromatic color in photoshop and then use the appropriate level of tones when you tattoo the image. very cool effect.

take care,

stephen stacey
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