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Advice on travelling abroad with tattooing

Hey everyone,
I've been tattooing a little over 3 years now, I've done a fair few conventions on home soil (UK) but this year I have the opportunity to do some guest spots abroad which I'm very excited about. The only thing is I have no clue of what to expect or what to do...

I would be very grateful for ANY advice on travelling with tattoo equipment and doing guest spots in general. The main issues are
1) what to take, or more specifically what not to take
2) laws, work visas, etc
3) boarding planes with questionable equipment and how customs treat people going through with tattoo machines.
Like I say though, any morsel of info would be much appreciated.
(The places in question are Singapore and Texas)

Thanks everyone :)


RE:Advice on travelling abroad with tattooing

I'm going to do a cheeky bump on this topic as I still need advice! Can anyone help me?.
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RE:Advice on travelling abroad with tattooing

Also gunna do a cheeky bump of this topic.
Anyone want to hand down some wisdom?!
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RE:Advice on travelling abroad with tattooing

its quite cool travelling with equipment threw airports, makes me feel like a magician walking around. at this point its just common to walk with equipment in airports. i once brought a bunch of needles and didnt have to buy equipment (backpack no suitcase, short barcelona visit), but that was pushing luck. tattoo machines dont come up at a threat on the xrays, carry them with you. i throw everything else in my suitcase flying internationally
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