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cps and duty

Hi guys,
I'm working with an hawk for the first time, and my ikon ems400 show the following informations:
CPS 00
DUTY 99%
what does it mean?
what's wrong?
with my old sunskin machines never happened.
thanks for everything.


RE:cps and duty

that is normal for rotaries.
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RE:cps and duty

thanks for answer man!!
But I'd like to know the speed machine during my work!
anyway I'll comply.
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RE:cps and duty

Anyone correct me if im wrong. Spped for rotaries varies on the volts. I use swashdrive gen 8 s 6-7 is 50 cps 7-8 is 100 cps and 9 volts above is 150 cps. It depends on the rotary contact the maker and ask them the volts to cps ratio. Hope this helps.
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RE:cps and duty


Typically a coil machines duty should be close to 50 % this is the on & off tines expressed as a percentage. A ROTARY never goes off so a reading of 99 or 100 is normal.

Hertz/CPS, The problem here is your Digital Power Supply is not reading the Rotary's speed, Hertz/CPS is on full down & up movement of the armature bar how many times in a second this occurs. Some cheaper Digital power supplies do not read all Rotary's.
Liner 130 to 145

Shader 105 to 120

Color Packer, 95 to 115

Note Generally Accepted Readings Some Artist Knock Out Killer Tattoos totally out of these ranges.

FT/STL This Should be 0 for a ROTARY machine, & a Coil Cut Back Liner 0 Some go 12 some 20 for coils depending on what the machine is set up for. Settle or Follow Thru depending on what your power supply manufacture called it. Is the front spring bouncing before it settles expressed as a % of on time.
Think of it this way power passes thru the the contact screw to the front spring, this begins the cycle once the front spring bounces back it is how long the front spring bounces. A thicker & or Wider & or Stiffer spring will bounce less, a longer & or Narrower & or Softer Front Spring Will Bounce Longer. So the important thing here is a consistent reading.. Not so much the reading its Sefton with a coil machine.

Not to confuse anyone but Duty is really rear spring compression.

I hope this helps you & a few others!

Take Care, Bill Kearney. :-)
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RE:cps and duty

One more piece of advice...

Do not always rely so much on all the numbers... Some artist use that perfect B flat humm.. some use a spring tension gauge to set the rear spring tension... Some use the Ghosting of the Armature Bar... Some use a Digital Power Supply.. Some use a combination of these...

My point is a Digital Power Supply is Great ., because it can help artist tune their machines, diagnosis problems.. As well as an effective means of communication, By this I mean you can tell Some one your machine has a Hertz/CPS of 95... & a FT/STL of 20.. & a Duty of 50% automatically Everyone knows you are talking about a Color Packer... Without ever seeing the machine or hearing it run!

Take Care, Bill Kearney. :-)
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RE:cps and duty

From what I have read,The speed of the hawk the cps are approximately relevant to voltage, for example
9 volts= about 90 cycles per second
10 volts= aboutn100 cps
12 volts = about 120 cps

I also have am ems400 and that is normal for rotary it doesn't have the ability to measure rotary cps.
Hope it helps
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RE:cps and duty

+ dizzy danz, Idiot.. you missed the point..

BTW Purchase a Real PS. CRITICAL..

Go to Critical's web page, Note that EKION uses older less expensive technology..

Critical uses State of The Art.,

Take Care, Bill Kearney :-)
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RE:cps and duty

I thought he wanted an idea of machine speed and I gave him the method that is recommended for hawks.
So fuck off bill stop trolling me you loser.
I was trying to be helpful not give him a lesson on duty cycle of coils machines. I think you missed the point.
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RE:cps and duty

ALL THE SAME PERSON.. Look Danny made a mistake & signed blinded by science in coil cores.. + I reverse hacked the I'd same IPO-ADDRESS...

Next Idiot. I gave the info for everyone... You should take notice.. Notes etc..

The Power Supply you use EKION Is using 10 yr old technology.. CRITICAL Power Supply uses the Latest State of the art technology. SHIT THE CHINESE HURRICANE IS BETTER THAN EKION.. Easily Bagged for sanitation purposes..

Moore's Law States that technology doubles every 2 to 3 years.. So use the Latest technology.

No one is stalking you Stop Smoking so much Meth & the Paranoia should subside! LMFAO..

Your dumb Ass keeps putting inaccurate information in post!
First one you did that was semi correct..

To everyone else please read from the top down..

I included a how to read a Digital Power Supply... As well a what the numbers mean.. & generally accepted readings..

Good Luck, Bill Kearney. :-)
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