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Competitive Edges

Hey im in a shop and we just opened and were competing against a shop thats been around for 10 years.. so I was wondering how do we make our work stand out and have them come too us? any ideas, suggestions?


RE:Competitive Edges


Hey bro,

The answer is. You don't....

Your goal is not to take away customers from another business. That's like saying, how do I take food out of the mouths of those other families that have been busting their ass for the last ten years at their shop, and put in my mouth...Your goal is to concentrate on being a well respected establishment and hope that your reputation and quality of work will bring your own following of people.

The first thing I would do is visit the other shop and show your respect. Introduce yourself and let them know your a nice group of guys just doing your thing, and ask if it would be ok to drop in a visit sometime and shoot the shit. If they a respected shop, they might even invite you over to do a guest spot, or perhaps send you some business if they get a little overbooked.
There is a lot to be learned in this business out side of the technical applications, and that is showing your brothers your respect and always being humble. If you are a good person that loves your job and the people you tattoo, then good things will come to you. but if you are in it to just steal customers and make as much money as you can, then I'm afraid you won't last very long..

Hope that helps man. Take care.

Stephen Stacey
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RE:Competitive Edges

Stephen, VERY well said. Perfect answer. Not enough of this attitude in the Tattoo Business these days, much respect.
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RE:Competitive Edges

There is one jewel I gleaned from a Music Producer a while ago. In a conversation with aspiring Audio Techs, his advise was this;

"Build a defensible body of work & market yourself with it!"

Holds true in pretty much any skilled trade.
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RE:Competitive Edges


OMG, NOT ONE ANSWER WAS FROM A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER... This Dribble is just Shit less talented artist spout!

First, find out your Logistics & Demagraphis information a Google search should handle that.. ages income etc.. this gives you an idea of your target market. NEXT ALL OF THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE OPENING YOUR NEW SHOP!

What business are in the area...

As far as competition anyone in the phone book is competition.. FACT! BUSINESS MGT 101..

Find out what styles the tattoo shops specialize in.. See if they are primarily doing custom tattoos or are a street shop...

Look for ways to differentiate your shop..

Look at having a clean shop, friendly no loud music, no abusive language etc..

Look to partner with a bar or restaurant etc... to cross promote, flyers..

Personally I never talk bad about any shops, & I'm friends with several other owners.. But business is business.

We only do Custom Work by appointment. We require a first visit consultantation, then a second to approve art work.. We cater to a higher end client. So we have a nice reception area. Large Private Work Rooms, We have an Air Purification System consists of Filters, UV Lights, + a electronic filter... Also each room has a portable air ionizer.. We have Filtered water, Keep The Shoo Spotless, Clean Windows, Restrooms... etc.. Calming music in reception area. HEAD PHONES We also suggest people bring an I- pod for long tattoo secessions. We offer water gatoraid, vitamin water sodas complimentary. We advise taking vitamin K & a multi vitamin before tattoo secession no caffeine 4 hours prior to tattooing. We have an after care hand out. We have each client sign off on the drawings, the stencil placement an actual forum. We educate each client about our process. You would be surprised at how many people do not know how to properly care for a new tattoo... They say no one ever explained it before! It is the details.. this is long term.. Short Term Cross Promotion.

Take Care, Bill Kearney. :-)
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