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Kwadron Tattoo needles

Okay I have used some of this companies needles and they are great,and used by many artists although I think they just may be sponsored because they tend to be pricey.But they have a needle called a smooth shader, this needle is a single row like a flat but space apart like a row on a standard weaved mag.So a 7 smooth shader would be the equivalent size of a 14-15 mag i guess??? not sure on how the numbers are running yet.You would have to check them out if you haven't already,but I wanna know someone that has used them? What for? Is it that much more smooth? Is this gonna make me whip out big patches of smooth grey like filip leu(sorry if name is murdered)...lol...I wish cuz that shit is crazy ad his story is even that much more!


RE:Kwadron Tattoo needles

Why would you believe an artist would have to be sponsered to buy these needles? If you are going off the list of artists they put up that use these needles, you're talking about the cream of the crop...these guys don't do $30 names to scratch out their rent money...these artists all charge a minimum of $200 an hour...doing tattoos that take anywhere from 5 to 50 hours...so if you're looking at someone who gets a grand a sitting plus...what is it to drop a few extra dollars on something that makes a difference in their work?

Smooth Mags are old school spread flats...nothing more. If you take a look at all the beautiful work done by Cap Coleman...it was done with a spread 6 flat. Todd Hlavaty uses the same for portraints..the lists goes on and on.

As far as pricing of needles, just by reading your post I get that you haven't been around in this industry for very long? Or you would know that $.90 as pop for a needle USE to be cheap! 15 years ago Kingpin use to charge $2.50 plus for pre-made needles...that's how he got his start in this business...making needles. This was back when just about everyone who tattooed made each and every needle they used. If you didn't, you paid threw the nose for pre-mades. Now kids getting into tattooing have no clue how to even make a needle (or build/tune a machine, mix pigment etc) "oh no! my clip cord is shorting out...time to buy another!" rather than fix the one you have in 5 minutes. But all that is another rant...back to needles..In the mid 2000's...the Chinese got involved in making needles...so the price dropped. These days you can buy a pre-made for less than the cost of the raw material to make a needle, and yet people still complain asbout the price? If it cost a few extra CENTS for something that will make your work easier and better? Put out the money! Its not rocket science...like asnything else you get what you pay for.
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