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am I the only one who pays tax's?

I went to Musink last weekend. I thought i would purchase supplies and try a few other things, no receipts? Unfortunately I left empty handed. I pay my taxes, therefor I need my receipts for my write-offs.
Seriously am I one the only one? The second booth I went over to, I asked before I got started, nope, no receipts. I was informed that this is a no receipt business, no paper trail. The guy informing me seemed to be proud of the fact.

Lets face it no one ever has said "I love paying tax's" but how in the hell do you ever get ahead, buy a house etc... I make good money and want to have something to show for it.


RE:am I the only one who pays tax's?

Everyone I work with pays taxes, someone has to when a business is making money its gotta have proof of going somewhere eventually and especially if shit happens.I had the GOV take $25000 cash from me on the way to buy a car and I had proof I made legit money adn they still took it saying I have no tax proof,so watch the hell out period if anyone doesnt.I got lucky and fought it out and said I am not at teh limit to do my taxes but again I am lucky.
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