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A&D disappearance...

A & D is disappearing in Canada!!! A lot of stores and distributors that used to carry it all have it listed as "discontinued". I've tried to contact Merck in the US but they say they don't know what is going on, and refer me to Merck Canada, who never answer their phone or reply to emails.

So I thought I would switch to Aquaphor Healing, but I can barely find that in Canada either - and where I can find it at a decent price is in the jar, and honestly, I don't want to be dipping into a jar (even with a single use sterilized applicator) repeatedly. I'm just nit-picky that way about cleanliness - I like my ointments in a tube.

I can order A & D or Aquaphor from the States, but ordering from anywhere poses a problem as far as the product's expiry date is concerned. If I can't see the listed expiry, or be able to ask what the expiry is ... I could very possibly receive an expired product which is useless to me.

I've been using Purtect lately - ordered from Eikon where I get all my other goodies, but I just don't like the texture of it as much as A & D - it isn't as smooth. It's a great product - but we all have our preferences.

So what's a Cannuck to do???

Superman - you might have some thoughts for me?? What are you using lately.


RE:A&D disappearance...

Hi there,

I know you're apprehensive about buying from online distributors but have you tried Amazon?
(I do believe there is an Amazon Canada?)

They pretty much vouch for their sellers and have awesome return policies should something be wrong, so I think it'd be highly unlikely that you'd get and expired or near expired product from them or their sellers.

I order my A&D from them and never had an issue (plus the price savings is noticeable when compared to buying from a local store/pharmacy.....even though A&D isn't a bank breaker to begin with (or at least I hope not...lol), it all adds up after a while :))

Just my .02 - hope this helps.

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RE:A&D disappearance...


Hey bro,

Usually I buy my medical supplies from medical supplier rather than tattoo suppliers. The cost is much less and the list of supplies available it tenfold to the average.
Here is a couple of good medical supplier in the US for a&d Ointment and all other medical supplies..



You can buy it in any format. tubes, packets, bulk 12 jars per case, ect. The shipping to Canada is pretty pricy, but still cheaper than a 3rd party distributor...
If you have some concerns with expiration dates, you can call them and specify that you would like a batch with 2+ years before the expiration date, etc...

hope that helps.Take care

Stephen Stacey
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