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Help-me machines Sunskin...What choose buy?

Hello, Good Evening Friends Forum!
I'm looking to buy one for two machines and one for Liner Shader Sunskin brand here in Brazil. At first chose a V Small Bronze Liner. My doubt is the choice for Shader not know if caught BigV Bronze XXX 14W, 14W XXX J.Walker Bronze, Bronze Colour BigV or J.Walker Bronze Colour, these two last mentioned (Colour) should be 12W.
I'm starting to tattoo now my work styles is the New Traditional of Realism, Traditional OldSchool and written grafitti and Chicano.
I wonder if these machines with 14 laps are good for coloring and shading, because I like working with heavy machinery, work earns much more. And as I live in this country called Brazil is complicated buy a machine and not like so obviously need to make the right choice.
But they can get the will to opnar, because I'm starting now and any help will be very welcome.
Sorry for my bad English.
Thank you for listening.


RE:Help-me machines Sunskin...What choose buy?

Accept suggestions from other brands too. At first I was thinking machines in the Work Horse Irons ... Soba and Seth Ciferri, but never saw anyone using one, but speak highly of these machines. Dae Sunskins as I know the first thought of them.
If anyone has any experience with these machines would be interesting to post what you think of the machine.
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RE:Help-me machines Sunskin...What choose buy?

I was also thinking of a rotary machine for coloring and shading. Spektra Halo or Sunskin Primus. Many people prefer to rotating coloration. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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