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Warm and coldness in corlors

Hi, i startet drawing color portraits, and im not sure if i havde understood the warm/Cold color thing.
I know ofcourse that, purple, blue and green is in the Cold range and red, yellow and orange is in the warm.

What i seek is, if i want a Cold yellow or a warm yellow, what would be what? Like if you take the, eternal sunflower vs. bright yellow


I think the sunflower would be the Cold one, because its more off in the color, and the bright yellow would be the warm because it's so viberant, but i saw a video with yesterday that confused me a Little on this subject.

Hope you'll get what i mean.
Thanks :-)


RE:Warm and coldness in corlors

Here check this out, it's very basic yet to the point, and very easy to understand. It should help to answer your question.

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