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New support group for the self taught artist!

Here at "For The Love of Ink! (Self taught artists)" group, we believe that the home tattoo artist will tattoo people with or without the tattoo industries approval! Let's face it, there are just not enough apprenticeships to go around in tattooland.
Not to mention that not just anybody will work for free and have to pay bills and rent and so on... It's just not realistic in today's world!

We also believe that it's not up to the tattoo industry on who gets to tattoo and who doesn't. We also strongly believe that if you have a deep passion for art, then who are you to stand in our way? Let's face it, there are just too many "Apprenticeship Nazis" out there! There is more than one way to skin a cat!

So instead of calling them names and putting them down all the time, why not help them with your experience and knowledge instead! Also with the popularity of tattoos now a days, a lot more people want to become tattoo artist. Only through proper education and knowledge will the home artist get better at their art and practice safe tattooing methods.


- Anybody that wants to learn and has a passion for the art of tattooing.
- Whoever is waiting to get an apprenticeship.
- Experienced tattoo artists, amature tattoo artists.
- Artists that believe in helping less experienced artists.
- People that believe that there is more than one way to learn this great art form.
- People that want to practice safe tattooing in their homes.


- People that just want to trash the home tattoo artist.
- People that believe that the only way to learn to tattoo is through an apprenticeship.
- People that are closed minded.
- Apprenticeship Nazis.

So if you have what it takes to become a tattoo artist, or are already tattooing people, then come join our group on Facebook today!

"For The Love of Ink! (Self Taught Artists)" group.

Johnny G.


RE:New support group for the self taught artist!

Normally I'd think this is a great idea, but a lot of the work I see on that page is pretty damn awful... sorry...
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RE:New support group for the self taught artist!

The reason people have a problem is that so many "scratchers" think they are good to go once they bought their kit off the internet. Completely ignoring the fact that tattooing is more than the machine in their hand, it's years spent learning how to draw FIRST, learning the proper way to keep your station clean and and to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, and just respecting the industry in general.

I personally think it's pretty damn dangerous to provide a place where people who are generally notorious for not critiquing themselves objectively or do not tattoo in clean sterile settings a place to "learn". From what I've experienced is that these home artists are teaching other home artists less than industry standard techniques and procedures, and are quite honestly just out there hurting people.

Spending 5 minutes on craiglist searching "tattoo" under for sale will give a fair insight to the amount of home artists who have no business tattooing in the first place. People who've clearly never bothered to learn how to draw. And in this industry, respect for your clients as well as yourself is key. If your artwork isn't up to snuff, then you shouldn't be holding a machine and tattooing people. But that's just my two cents.
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RE:New support group for the self taught artist!

Hi Mike,

What happened to this facebook page?

I would like some guidance into the world of tattooing and this group seemed perfect.

I agree with tattoo ARTISTS that designing and tattooing art on somebody is something that takes years to learn.
But remember there are people out there who like simple designs, ie the tattoo artists favorite the STAR :)
I actually had a simple design planned for my upper arm, but then the artist talk me out of it and ended up talking me into a complex Japanese design. Well it looks sh!thouse lol! The simple design I wanted would have been much better. Remember some of us like the "keep it simple" when it comes to art.

I have 2 full sleeves and a back piece now. I would not dream of attempting such complex designs, but I do have an area that I want to black out, I have gone over with a sharpie and it looks farking awesome to me!
But I have had artists refuse to do it, they said it will take too long and i get this same line from many "Everybody has a tattoo they dont like". Well i am the type to say I can change this sh!t.

So I Yes to self tattoos. Just keep it simple, leave the complex art to an experienced tattoo expert.
Remember someone sometime in the past started tattooing without any guidance.
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RE:New support group for the self taught artist!

Johnny G? By any chance Johnny Gault, youtube tattoo adviser notorious for taking peoples money and not sending machines? If so please watch for scams anyone joining the page.
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RE:New support group for the self taught artist!

Sorry if not but the name stood out.
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