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Vivace questions

i just acquired a vivace 3.5 to add to my line up of machines. i was wondering if anyone had and info on what volts they like to run these machines at for packing, blending, b&g. I also use an OG neotat long stroke and know what works for me but would like to hear some other opinions. thanks

superman where u at bro!


RE:Vivace questions


Hey bro,

NeoTat and Vivace machines are designed to run between 6 and 15 volts.and run at no more than 250 Milli-amps of current. If the machine is drawing more than 250 Ma, or seems to slow down, get hot, or start making excessive noise, then it must be disassembled, cleaned and re-lubricated. I find the Vivace runs like my older model, and I like to set my voltage at 9-9.5 volts for pretty much everything. Their set up speed is relevant to the voltage in that 6 volts will give you 60 cps, and 12 volts will give you 120 cps. the speed within voltage is only off by about 5% so its a good way to judge..

Hope that helps man,

Stephen Stacey
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