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Problems with vice grip on SOBA

Hey, I have a SOBA pilot liner, and occasionally I have noticed that after I have unscrewed the wing nut to slip another tube into the vice, it will not open all of the way. I figured, well, perhaps its just a crappy tube that I got (I prefer to use throw aways) so I unwrap another one. However, I still have the same problem. I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this, it just is annoying and would like some advice on how to correct it.
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RE:Problems with vice grip on SOBA

Here is how to correct that.

Be consistant with your diposables.
Buy some that you like and stick with that brand.
Set your vice accordingly.

Whala! Problem solved.
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RE:Problems with vice grip on SOBA

I have a brand that I stick with, vision tubes, but please explain to me on how you " set your vise grip" accordingly. I want to know how to get it to open all of the way as it should so that I am not trying to shove a tube that won't fit because of it. I will have it opened all the way out, but for some weird reason the same exact brand of tube I used prior won't fit inside.
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RE:Problems with vice grip on SOBA

Okay, blonde moment....
I realized that I had ordered two different models of the tubes. One must be a larger diameter diamond tip five to fit with other machines or something. Thank you so much though for answering my post! :')
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