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Water, hazel, glycerin solution

Hi, i use water for my B/G wash, and i tryed intenze shading solution.

I really god keen on trying to make my own solution, useing hazel, dististilled water, and glycerin, and i was wandering if anybody tryed it out, and found some kind of formulare, please do share, so i have some kind of guide lines to go from :-)

Have an awesome day!


RE:Water, hazel, glycerin solution

I've heard witchazel is used quite often for mixing greywash.

Not sure about glycerin, as it is a thickening agent. One artist told me they used it before when pigments came in powder form. Or when they thought an ink was too runny.
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RE:Water, hazel, glycerin solution

Well, i just mentioned what it says on that special shading solution bottle, and there is glycerin in that :-)
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RE:Water, hazel, glycerin solution

Ok Cool, I didn't know that intenze did that!
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RE:Water, hazel, glycerin solution

First it is important to check with your local HEALTH DEPARTMENT, regarding properties allowed for diluting agents.

Some Health Departments Require only ~ Sterile Water, Some will also allow Witch-Hazel, & or Distilled Water & or Alcohol & or medical grade Glycerin. Some do not allow pre~made products either home made or commercialy available products only STERILE WATER.

However if your health department allows the ingredients. Making your own is simple.

Either Sterile or Distilled Water, Witch-Hazel, Alcohol may be used.
Individually or combined.

You can also add medical grade Glycerin.

I personally make my own GREY-WASHES, & ADDITIVES FOR COLORS.

I use a combination of Sterile or Distilled Water as my wetting agent. Either one .. Next Witch-Hazel & then medical grade glycerin.

What each does, in your carrier & or dilution agent... Sterile or Distilled Water is considered a wetting agent.. Witch-Hazel is considered an anti-septic.. additionally Witch-Hazel helps reduce bruising, redness, & helps reduce pain slightly helps promote healing. Medical Grade Glycerin, helps reduce redness, itching, dryness, helps promote healing. Additionally it is a thickening agent, this also helps prevent the inks from drying out in the ink caps.

Some artist add a drop or 2 to the tops of ink caps some mix it in, with a needle bar or cocktail stirring etc..

You can also use this as a base for grey washes & for making inks from powdered pigments this would be your carrier solution.

Additional Information

If your inks are drying out fast. You have more Alcohol in your inks carrier solution, adding a little of Witch-Hazel or your mix from above will bring inks back to life.

Use just a drop or 3 in your mixes of medical grade glycerin, too much can make the inks oily.

A little experimenting with your formula to tailor it to YouTube style of tattooing.. practice on fruits, practices skins, or craft foam first.

Thinner inks.. have more Water, Witch-Hazel, Alcohol in them.

Thicker inks have more medical grade glycerin..

Faster hand speeds when tattooing, you will most likely love Thinner Inks..

Slower Hand Speeds when tattooing, you will most likely love Thicker Inks...

I hope this helps out.

Take Care, Bill Kearney. :-)
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Zuper (thick) black

So I bought myself a bottle of zuper black by Intenze. Jesus, that shit is thick. Too thick to my liking. Ofcourse I bought the largest bottle. Figures. Would it be okay to dilute a little to make it runnier and still be black enough?

Your thoughts
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