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tanned skin giving me problems.

Hello all, I am new to the trade. After practicing on anything from pig skin, to pig ears, to bananas to grapefruit, I did a tattoo on myself and it came out solid. Crisp lines, in my eyes stunning - and I was chuffed. I am studying under my mentor, but only part time, and I am going for another course in July. So I am fully committed.

Any case - right back to the dilemma.

My sister in law wanted a tattoo done as well, and although I was a little freaked, I thought - I would go slow and it came out stunning - smooth lines, crisp clean detail. It looks great - like the day I put it on.

My husband though is a different matter. I was using kuro sumi for lining and shading - I did the outline and the colour (a tribal dragon) and it looked great. Not as dark as I would have liked, but it looked really great - also nice crisp lines, no chewing up of the skin. I did have a few tracklines though - so please - if you have any advice on that - it would be great, as on my fruit - colour comes out solid, but on the skin - not so much. In any case - he has a really deep tanned skin, and it is quite dry and feels leathery. To my horror - my ink started rejecting and it looked 30 years old by week 1. I then let it heal and went over it again with intenze true black, it now looks solid - still a few visible tracklines (I used a 9rs) I am still not comfortable with a mag.

He asked me to do another piece for him last night - I did the outline - with the intenze true black - and I had my needles right, tuning right, everything was 100 percent. But the ink took very very poorly. its like a faint line - not a grey mark or a bloodline - but like the tattoo would be 30 years old. I don't want to push the needle further - because I am 100 sure then it will go past the dermis layer, but I have no idea what is causing it.

Any input will be highly appreciated. I was lining with a 5rl for the grim reaper - as it has much more detail in the piece.

I did ask my mentor and he said he will have a look at it and give me his input, but I wanted to pose the question here as well, with his permission to get advice of other proffesionals.