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Hi there people!
I have a f***ing problem that never happened before, since i changed mu black ink intenze to kuro sumi in the most of cases now appears some blowouts in the skin!
With intenze never happened! Some friends said that i go to deep "what its not the case" others said i go to slow that i think not either.
Coud it be the ink? Since intense its more thick that kuro sumi?

Some sugestions please!



I've had the same problem with going from intenze to local brand, and alla prima.
Here is my verdict:
Wev'e lined so long with thick ink that is works better for us.
Pale people especially will blow out more than others.
90% or more tattooers like thin ink to line with and WILL more likely get blowouts if using thicker inks for lining.
Apparently you and I are the rejects.
Mario Barth himself said in a webinar not to use his coloring inks for lining or you risk a blown out line exponentialy.
Well, I really like intenze and alla prima, but I'll have to line with the thick stuff for lining or my work will be horrible.
Just be carefull and good luck.
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