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Machine for apprenticeship

Any recommendations on a good quality machine for my apprenticeship? I obviously will listen to my mentor, but want to hear what other people recommend


RE:Machine for apprenticeship

Can't go wrong with soba or anything from workhorse irons.
Fk irons if you want light aluminum
If you want rotary anything from stigma or halo.
Pulse,, Micky sharpz..all good basic machines

We could go on for pages but that's a good quality start list
And don't be cheap. You will only be cheating yourself.
Your gonna want to try a lot of different things to see what feels right in your hand and works best for you.
I highly suggest learning on a coil machine then try rotary later, I'm sure some will disagree but I think it's important to know the basics first.
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship

What about rebuilding a Chinese coil tattoo machine? It would be cheaper & would give you first hand knowledge of machine mechanics.. Look on Amazon.com, DHGATE, ALIE-EXPRESS, for Cast, Wire Cut & CNC Machined Frames., Personally I would look a whole machine.. Typically Chinese Coils are junk. But not always. Chinese Springs 90% are junk. But $ 10 for a cast Chinese Coil Machine.. if you can't wind your own coils. $3 for coils if you can. To purchase coils, Coils with capacitor $25,Armature Bars, $5 Springs $6 a pair. Monster Steel.com or PiercingPros.com both are resellers on Amazon.com as well, actually the same company. infinite irons.com Springs..So for $50 you just built a machine..
Information on this .. YouTube Channels ~ UNDERGROUNDDEMAGRAPHIX, - videos - Frame Geometry For Beginners, the difference between liners & shaders. These are good. Next Channel - SINCITYTATTOOZ ~ videos- Disc1 & Disc 2, These are the 2 best YouTube Channels for Beginners & Intermediate level tattoo artist.. Next Channel TriWood1973 - video - how a tattoo machine works. Next Channels. TattooLan, OGPoppie Lomax, THE BROKENPUPPET, Bishop Rotary, FKIrons, Eternal Ink, Tattoo Supper Store, Painful Pleasures,
Tattoo Superior 1, Superior Tattoo, GIMP & Photo Shop Channels, Art Channels, type in YouTube Hibiclense great information on MERSA, also type in. BLOOD BORNE PANTHEONS.. Handling Dangerous Chemicals..

Also the Book Tattooing From A to Z - By Huck Spaulding, 1988 is the Book I own.. Their is a newer one. IMO a great book for beginners. The companion video - The Art of Tattooing.. you can look this up on YouTube for free.. the video.

Additionally you can Checkout my Google + page tons of FREE INFORMATION.
As well as my Amazon.com reviews, log on to Amazon.com, type in search * { Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink } * next look for my review by name ~ { Bill Kearney } * Next click on review.. then click all reviews by this person., Tons of FREE EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION.. I pack each review with educational information geared towards the beginner & intermediate level tattoo artist.

Also DHGATE Has Chinese Knock off Swatch Drive ROTARY'S 2 for $20 & FREE SHIPPING! Cheap! Rotary's are the great equalizer. By this I mean no tuning, no Frame Geometry, No Gap between end of rear deck & armature bar, no spring gauge, length, width, no 6, 8, 10. 12, wrap coils, no spring Tension, no capacitor UF Rating, no contact screw.. Just remember to use caution with Rotary's ..

Chinese Rotary's run out of the Box! $10 a piece is cheap. The Rotary motors typically used in Hair Clippers 3,500 to 6,500 RPMS The Rotary's used in Remote Control cars 7,000 to 14,000 RPMS, the RC motors are good for driving larger needle groupings.

Good Luck, in your new career! Bill Kearney. :-)
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship

Thanks for the information guys! Everything you two gave me was great, much appreciated.
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship

You are welcome! Good Luck in Your New Career!
Bill Kearney :-)
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship

I built my first machine with my mentor during my apprenticeship. tons of fun, and you get a better idea of how everything works. Machinegun magazine by Eikon is another great reference too! Workhorse Irons is a great place to get quality machine parts, along with FK Irons.
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship

Eikon Green Monsters or Worhorse DIY kit.
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship


top tools. price: bargain.

nothing to change, running superb.

imho the coils are even better than eikon crowns.
just adjust to your likes and start tattooing.
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship

Kylin machines run super out of the box and cheap.
Good for a guy who is starting out and wants to try different styles and metal frame types.
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship


they are way better than just for beginners.
matching a lot of the above mentioned,
if not better. i got 4 of them in my collection,
at least one is running at every job.

the only thing at them i don't like is the stupid
old cheapskate slot-hole-vice, but you have this
shitty construction also at nearly every top
notch machine.

at my own builds i prefer to build guillotine
and inside-out guillotine vices, because they
simply fit better with different diameter sizes
of back stems and also they can never jam.
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RE:Machine for apprenticeship

Again, I recommend that anyone new to Tattooing:
Purchase Good Quality, CHINESE MACHINES:
* First You don't know if you are going to say in the field...
* Next it is more economical..
* You are going to have to Learn Machine Mechanics,
[ie] Disassemble & Reassemble, the machines..


* Look for CNC Machined, [ like American Chopper, ] Cast Iron, Brass, Aluminum, or Wire-Cut Frames... They will hold up better than what is referred to as BENT FRAMES, Typically these are actually Stamped, [ American Chopper the TV Show ] Beckman Press... Also avoid cheap weld ups, Take The Human Element out of the equation..

Typically $5 to $45 including Shipping, Cheaper Than $200 to $1,200

Additionally Chinese Rotary's Good to Go out of the Box.

Chinese Knock Offs, Dragon Fly, Sting Ray, Stealth, Swatch Drive, Bishop.. Typically $5 to $40 each including Shipping, Cheaper than $150 to $600

Look on Amazon.com, DHGATE.com, Alie-Express.com
, T-Mart.com, Alibaba.com, e-bay, MadeinChina.com, etc..

Also , Watch YouTube Channel ~ SINCITYTATTOOZ, videos -
Disc 1, Disc 2, under standing the tattoo machine, Coils, How a tattoo machine works. How to use a Multi-Meter, Power Loss..How to Make your own Stencil Solution, How to Apply A Stencil,
+ all other videos..

Frame Geometry For Beginners, Chinese Machines to Avoid, How to Use a Multi-Meter, Coils, How to Mark your Clip Cord, How to Draw & Apply A Stencil, How to Make your own Stencil Solution, Craft Foam as an Alternative to Practice Skins, Drawing on The Right Side of The Brain, Tattoo Need Groupings, + all other videos.


YouTube Channel ~ The Broken Puppet ~ all videos,

The following YouTube Channels
OGPoppie Lomax, Tattoo Lan, Bishop Rotary, FKIrons,
Tattoo Super Store, Painful pleasures, Superior Tattoo 1, CDGC,
Eternal Ink,


Photo Shop & GIMP, Art, Drawing, Painting...

Type in YouTube Search ;

* The Art of Tattooing,

* Hibiclense,


* Handling Dangerous Chemicals,

* Tattoo Station Set Up & Break Down,

Read The Book by Huck Spaulding ~ Tattooing A - Z..

Log on to Amazon.com look up my Amazon.com reviews:
Reviews on equipment, supplies, all packed with educational information.. FREE LINKS to : PDF'S, e-books, Videos..
Amazon.com, type in search v
{ Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink } Next
Look for my review by Name { BILL KEARNEY } Next
Click on review, then click on all reviews by this person..
Lots of Free Educational Information..

Most important if you are an apprentice ask your mentor for their opinion..

Additionally if getting ready to look for a Apprenticeship make sure you interview them as well! Years of experience, where did they apprentice, how long, look at their portfolio, see what is required of you! Ask how long the Apprenticeship is for, What is the Curriculum,
NOTE: Some States now require TATTOO SCHOOL..

Work on your ART, Especially Drawing... Also practice Tracing..

Read the Book Tattooing from A to Z first then the Video The Art of Tattooing, also The YouTube Channels..


Take Care, BILL KEARNEY. :-)
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