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Power supply question

I have an eikon ems400 . it gets the job done but it's quirky. At least mine is. The buttons are a pain, sometimes they don't work or you have to push them slowly. If you hold your finger on the buttons the volts cycle too quickly and I tend to use a lot of different machines and also build them, so I'm always tweaking things.
Maybe someone could recommend a quality supply.
I want something with a turn dial and a digital read out that at least displays voltage and cps. Price isn't an issue. And I don't want another eikon. Any help would be appreciated. I'm not lazy, I'm doing my research but it's nice to get unbiased opinions. Thanks much...danzy


RE:Power supply question

I have This. Had it for 4 years, runs perfect, not so Many numbers just feel and listen to the machine

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RE:Power supply question

Just my opinion.. CRITICAL! it is State of the art electronics.. additionally it can be bagged for sanitary issues..

Or if money is a problem the Chinese Hurricane 3 again it can be bagged for sanitary issues...

I have several power supplies.. a few I made.. See YouTube Channel Tattoo Lan & undergrounddemagraphix, both have videos on this. A base power supply. However it shows you how it works. Building one is a great educational experience.

I have regular just voltage digital as well as { FT/STL, DUTY, HERTZ/CPS, VOLTS, }

You can tattoo with a base power supply, & use a spring tension gauge for rear spring & or that perfect B flat humm. The armature bar ghosting..Or a combination of all or some of the previous..

A Digital Power Supply is great! Keep a journal on the settings you like with each machine.. additionally you can have a conversation with another artist about your machine 100 Hertz/CPS , 49%, Duty, & a FT/STL of 0 & everyone would know you are taking about a Color Packer, without even seeing the machine or hearing it run!
A cool feature!

Take Care, Bill Kearney :-)
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RE:Power supply question

Hey bill do you have a you tube channel?
Are you the underground guy? Just curious. Thanks
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