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Black ink brand?

Need some great black i used intenze in about 5years and switch to kuro sumi and i love it but that make some blowout in my tattoos so i want to try another good black!

Some suggestions pkease!


RE:Black ink brand?

hey ..
i have tried alot..
Right now i use Waverly Black fro outlining
and really blacks - and Waverly Bluebird for
mixing my greywash ..

no blowouts at all.. REALLY GREAT..

i have use Dynamic Black for ages and thats
a really GREAT allround black aswell ..

you cant go wrong with either..
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RE:Black ink brand?

there are several good blacks on the market.

silverback, dynamic, eternal etc....

i also use the killerink black, it is awesome as well. you just have to know how you handle it.
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