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al bro cord

hey guys,just had an al bro rca 90 cord come in the mail, and it is cutting in and out when I turn the rca when it is plugged into the machine,all my rca conversions are from eikon...its frustrating and I don't have the time to send it back,..any quick fixes???


RE:al bro cord

There is no quick fix...
Al is a good dude..
Im sure he shipped it to you pretty quickly,
He stands behind his stuff.
Send him a email or call him, I know he is at a convention
Right now but he will take care if you.
There is a reason to buy the best there is... and his customer service is

Please dont say you dont keep more than one cord.
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RE:al bro cord

LOL..I have a ton of cords but this one is awesome,nicely crafted,I will get in touch with him and see what he as to say,thanks
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