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ft duty

why is it that when I try and 0 out my ft my duty also goes down..just put new springs on there???


RE:ft duty

As for FT/STL - Shooting for 0 !

First of all FT/STL is just the Front Spring Bouncing,before it settles expressed as a percentage of on time...

A Longer & or Thinner & or lighter gauge will bounce more, than a Stiffer & or Shorter & or Stiffer gauge..

So the number is not as important as an indicator as is the fact that it is a constant...

Some Builders & Artist Shoot for 0% Some 12% etc..

Duty is effected by the Rear Spring Compression.. Duty is the Machined On time expressed as a percentage... Most Builders & Artist Shoot for around 50% The perfect balance of on & off Time..

I noticed no one answered this., where is all the know it alls ?

You see a lot of people on this board are really scratchers..

Therefore they lack knowledge...

I purposely waited to see if anyone else could answer this!


I hope this helps..

Take Care, Bill Kearney. :-)
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