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power supply

hello everyone , i want to know a few things about power supplys
Is there any real difference between a eikon for example and a chinesse tattoo supply (difference affecting the quality of the tattoo)
And if its any way that you can test if your power supply is working correclty (if it is giving good tension to the tattoo machines)
Thank you anticipated and wish you all the best !


RE:power supply

It's the same like asking "Is there a difference between a porche and a tuk tuk"

Yes there is a hugh difference, stay away from cheap shit, it will give you nothing but troubles, its filled with cheap components that overheat, and crappy wireing. I have a power supply i gave around 250$ for, it has been running for around 4 years now, before that, within a coupple of moths i had 3 or 4 different surpplyies because i bourght cheap and didnt know better.

NEVER GO CHEAP ON SUPPLYES BE PROFFESIONAL AND WASTE MONEY ON GOOOOOOD SHIIIIIIT!!!! Support people in the industy instead of going chinese or whatever

(Sorry for bad spelling) :-)
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RE:power supply

Cheap units can be erratic and get hot. Who needs the trouble.
Buy a critical and be done with it. You won't be sorry, they're cheaper than a good tattoo machine .
If you pay $20 bucks for china crap that's exactly what you get.
If you want to get cheap on machines get a couple of kylin machines on ebay. But I suggest supporting the US builders, they take great care in the assembly and design of their machines.
Watch the video on you tube of the soba machine being built.
I have a few cheap units And they all suck or break.
Good luck in your adventures! ".......Danny D.
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RE:power supply

On a related tangent;
I learned in the music business, that there is a major difference between analog and digital power as well. Specifically in amplifiers (which crank out voltage to make a speaker pump.)
An integrated circuit chip simply can't hold a candle to an amp with transformers and/or tubes. Digital amps are limited in their dynamic response, and are more prone to failure than their analog grand-daddies.
Another bummer about the digital stuff. Is when it decides to burn out, it's burnt out. Sometimes they are so expensive to have a tech repair them, that it is cheaper to replace or upgrade.
Now an analog amp, you can keep those things running through a nuclear holocaust with some spare parts available at a radio shack. Which in my book, makes for a better ownership experience.

Why did I bring this up? No reason other than this thread reminded me of an old Spaulding/Rogers Power Supply that lives in the dark bottom shelf of my friends tattoo shop. Unused, abandoned by it's former owner in favor of these new digital power boxes. Kind of a shame really. That box could be living 5 times the life of a digital unit as a happy work horse.

That is all.
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RE:power supply

Ahh those old red eyed toaster! That was my very first power supply! And my two lever lock pumas. Memories.
My spyder amp doesn't hold a candle to my old vibrolux, point taken...good day...Danny D.
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RE:power supply

HAha Danzy,
I would never attempt to make a spyder amp compete with ANY fender tube rig. Fenders are just freakin loud!!! Although, if you like the spyder fx, the Spyder Valve series has a bognor tube power output section. Makes a notable difference in the player experience! Try one. They're pretty neat.

I'm halfway tempted to purchase the old redeye from my friend. I'd have to modernize the terminals but that's no big deal.
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