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cheyenne thunder with critical cx2?

Hallo, Ik have used search option but couldnt find anything. Does anyone use the cheyenne thunder with te critical cx2? I use both cheyenne and stigma, dragonfly, call me lazy but I dont wanna set up 2 power supplies and all the cables.
Thanks, jordy


RE:cheyenne thunder with critical cx2?

Hey Jordy..

Im in the same boat same machines same power supply. The whole reason i bought the Critical and sold my eikon is because its a 6 amp and eikon is a 4amp so the critical can run the thunder alday long on the power supply no start up cable or any of that.. voltage wise im not sure what to tell ya. Lining i have a quick hand so 9.7 works for me to line most places on the body. For the spirit i can tell you more i shade my lightest tones at 8.6 - 8.7 know if you like to build up your shades like me this is the ticket with the spirit at a medium to fast hand speed as for the thunder id try at 8.3 maybe and pick up the pace of you hand that extra mm give it a heck of a punch.. Reason i dont know exactly is because for me black and grey with a spirit is unrivaled i love it. If you ever have advice on colour packing and blending with the thunder im all ears. I am struggling to fins use for the thunder outside of lining.. Hope something here was useful for you bro
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RE:cheyenne thunder with critical cx2?

I use the thunder with a critical + start cable.
I line at about 12-13 volts .. make a clean line - FAST!

i shade with about 10.4 volts - layering..
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