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VC tattoo machines

Hi there!
Anyone knows vincent tattoo machines?
Cause people said its not very bad machine but the price its very cheap to be a goodmachine!

Anyone have one or knows them.
A friend told me that its same quality that micky sharpz and less spensive... Someone agree?



RE:VC tattoo machines

Save your money. I have 2 and they suck. 100% made in China and shit fell apart after 3 weeks of use. Both coil and rotary. I met "Vincent" some chinese dude at a tattoo convention and he had no idea how machines were made and he said worldwide supply just used his name to back it up. lol
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RE:VC tattoo machines

You mentioned the coil machine fell apart. How exactly did it fall apart? There are no bearings and few moving parts so just curious to what fell apart. Also, what model was it? The Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or color packer?

Just curious to exactly what happened and what specific coil machine it was.
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