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Adding color to gray wash

Just wondering if anyone has ever added colors to their black and gray wash patter. I have seen some artists add like a Cool Gray, or a Gray Blue to their drops or even mixed in with their blacks to get that creamy effect. I have even seen some artists that add darker colors into their black to get a semi-gloss heal instead of that matt finish black usually has. Anyone tried anything like this? If so what colors did they use and how did you distribute it into your pallet?


RE:Adding color to gray wash

Yes I sometimes add a drop of white or gray in the light mixture. But only If I do Portrait style to get a softer light shade. It makes it easier to get soft blends in large areas like forehead or cheeks. Also good if you want to "fill" an area with a light tone like a background for example.
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RE:Adding color to gray wash

You, can look at SilverBack Inks they have colors added to their washes, So Does Mom's Look at Technical Tattoo Supplies Website...

The addition of a tint such as Grey is done by a few artist for a velvety appearance.

Added Tints such as Blue, Green, Red, Are utilized for special effects.

Just remember the color added must be able to be visible !

* You Can Also Dilute Your Inks to create a Softer Wash Effect.

Experiment with painting mixing colors dilute colors, add white see how a pink becomes a flesh tone, add black see how the color gets richer. Look into COLOR THEORY! Understand the color wheel.

Then after you have thorough knowledge of that, look at experimenting with the inks on fruits ~ Honeydew Mellons, Grapefruit, Oranges,
CRAFT FOAM available at Wal-Mart Craft Stores 30 cents a sheet or the dollar store 10 cents a sheet. The Dollar Store craft foam is thinner so adjust needle depth accordingly.... Pigs Skin, Pigs Ears, Pigs Feet, Practice Skin..

Always practice as mentioned above before hitting the skin...

Good Luck Have Fun Be Creative..

Take Care, Bill Kearney. :-)
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