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Asshole tattoo artist?

Funny.... 2 years ago I remember writing a post on this same forum about asshole tattoo artist lol looking through the forum tonight and seeing that post I realized how much of a asshole I was and how I have become one of those same artist I spoke about lol smh. It takes a man to acknowledge there mistakes tho and I definitely apologize to any artist out there in may have offended. The good news is that I'm no longer angry since I finally got my apprenticeship and now work in a shop. Life really has a funny way of getting you stronger and more humble. With that said tho thanks for all the feedback back then... Love this site, peace!


RE:Asshole tattoo artist?

I think as an artist in general and now a tattoo artist, you learn to spot a problem client a mile away. I've taught people music, leathercraft am blacksmithing. And some people now want me to teach tattooing.
I can tell the serious ones from the lazy dreamers. Proving you have the stamina and constitution to see things to furition is not easy. No one will give you an A for effort, we live in a world of results.
Seeing your in NY then you know by now you have tons of sub-par shops to get your start in, none of them are going to make any history, maybe a magazine add or fifteen minutes of heavily edited reality TV.
So congrats to you on your apprenticeship, stick with it even if this particular gig falls out. And make this art form a good thing in your life, regardless of the pros and cons. And now that you see what it looks like on both sides of the counter you can maybe bride the gap of customer and asshole. I'm definitely an abrassive person, it's a NY thing.
As a heavy metal guitarist, it's balance with charisma, at least i hope so.
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