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Is swiss maxon louder than most?

what's up forum! I have neotat vivace love it is silent loaded, unloaded love it! Purchased an Impact noticed it is pretty quiet unloaded, once tube and needle in place the fuckin thing is loud compared to neotat anyone have experience thanks ! Much Love to everyone.


RE:Is swiss maxon louder than most?

No, a Swiss Maxon is not louder than most, that's what is inside of your neotat lol. I haven't seen or used impact machines but it sounds to me like the bearings are not allowing for a perfect up and down fluid motion so your needle is kinda rattling in the tube a little. That is where your noise is coming from. It is extremely difficult to perfect that fluid motion or you would see a huge increase in the amount of available rotary's (that are any good). If that is not the issue I would question if it really is a (quality) Swiss Maxon motor in your impact. Rotary machines are very, very simple and if you have a reputable machine you shouldn't have any issues with it at all. That's the whole point of a rotary.
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RE:Is swiss maxon louder than most?

I think you probably have a Chinese Knock off! The Swiss Maxxon Motors are brushless & quite. Also the MABUCHI Rotary Motors have a brushless model. MABUCHI is the brand in most name brand Rotary's. Next MABUCHI is a Japanese company manufacturing Rotary's all over Asia including China. The Japanese & Chinese do not recognize patents! A BRUSHLESS MABUCHI IS AS QUITE AS A SWISS MAXXON ONE! There was a well known U.S. Rotary Machine Builder that was sued for saying their motors were Swiss When They Weren't! Unless you take it apart MOST PEOPLE DO NOT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW!

Personally I like Chinese Knock Off Rotary's with MABUCHI Rotary Motors.. They are as good as the name brand ones IMO, IF THEY USE MABUCHI & THE KNOCK OFF IS MABUCHI ?? THE MACHINE HAS EITHER A CAST OR CNC MACHINED BODY, Typically Aluminum, Zinc, Plastic.. that's it.

Look at Dhgate.com they have a special 2 Chinese Knock Off Swatch Drives for $20 + FREE SHIPPING! That's $10 each!
A Good Artist Can Tattoo With Just About Any Machine.

A Rotary ~ the important things to consider Stroke Length, RPMS, Typically a smaller rotary for lining & some shading will have a motor with 6,000 RPMS, A Larger Rotary For Packing Color driving Larger Needles typically has a motor with 10,000 to 14,000 RPMS. THE SMALLER ROTARY MOTORS ARE TYPICALLY USED IN SAY HAIR CLIPPERS, THE LARGER ONES REMOTE CONTROL CARS.

Take Care, Bill Kearney :-)
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RE:Is swiss maxon louder than most?

HEY MAD REAPER, maybe u confuse

all the rotary machine in the world are BRUSH DC MOTOR
the only rotary in the market now with BRUSHLESS is the INKJECTA FLIGHT

BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR are the one use mostly on RC CAR, need a small electronic chip to make motor run

MABUCHI motor are alla BRUSH

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