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Electric ink light

Has anyone tried the new electric ink light set ? I am currently using fusion and eternal ink and am skeptical about I have heard great things from the electic company but haven't seen any reviews on the light set


RE:Electric ink light

I've never used Electric so I can't compare it, but what I will say is Eternal, Fusion and Intenze seem to be on the top of the ink game. You mentioned that you use a couple of those, I would only switch if your normal set up isn't giving you the results you would like. Then give something else a whirl. Also nothing says that you can't buy a few bottles of a different brand and just try it out, who knows you might love the results, but if your Eternal and Fusion are working out great for you, then there is no need to make a switch. Over time I've found things that work really well for me and I have no desire to try new things at this time, especially with ink, I've been there done that and as far as ink I'm still very happy with Eternal. But I would feel comfortable using any of the three brands I mentioned above.
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