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Hey Mike. how are you?, first of all, great work. i'm a big fan and love your work. currently im a tattoo artist trying to reach new levels, the question is: ¿what colors (if brand of ink is posible) should i use for filigran tattoos. it may sounds stupid and few people may just say brown, gold and yellow and so on. but i would really appreciate if u can give a nice advice and tips about making them, and what colors you prefer to do so. i'm always reading everything i can about tattoing and you always says that never do anything you ain't ready for. so that's why i ask you; because i wanna try my 1st one (filigran)... i'm ready =). cheers.



Hey Thanks!

There is no absolute right answer for this, you could use Eternal Ink, Intenze Ink, or Fusion Ink. Those are the three brands I would recommend to anyone, although there are more Tattoo Ink companies that are great as well, I just know those as a guarantee because I have used them the most, other ink companies I don't have as much experience with so it's hard for me to recommend them.

You are on the right track as far as what colors to use, but more importantly, the values need to be correct. You can color in anything in any colors and it will look good if the values are there and put in correctly. Value meaning the lightness or darkness of a color. You need at least three, a dark, medium and light color if you're going for a realistic or 3d looking tattoo. You can not achieve this if you use one color or even 5 colors if they are the same value. So, no matter what colors you choose it will look good if the values are right. I've used this example before... If I did a monocratic portrait of anything in pink. As long as I use a dark, medium and light pink, or a pink, a magenta,and a dark magenta, or a dark pink or red in place of the magenta or even a dark purple. Just pick colors that will blend good together and it will look good. Also gotta take into consideration the saturation and cleanliness of the tattoo to make it look good, but really you do not have to look at what colors to use, but the values of the colors to make it right. Hopefully that makes sense. Also the use of black and white helps a lot! So technically speaking there are five that you would need to get out to achieve a realistic or three dimensional looking tattoo, of course there are times you can get away with not using one of those color values or you can also add in a lighter color or a darker color as well if you think it will help what you are trying to achieve.

I hope that helps and good luck.
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