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Tattoo coil machine problem

Hello guys

Recently I ordered a new machine... The machine came and I am dissapointed... Machine costs me 250 USD and I have problem with it - when machine is running, the spring - armature bar is giving a weird up/down motion. So does the tip of the needle...

Where is the problem?

Manipulating with volts/contact screw/angles doesn't make a difference :-(

video of problem:


Please help . Thank you.


RE:Tattoo coil machine problem

I'm not sure what that could be. Maybe one of the coil machine heads could help you out on here. If you don't get it resolved I'd send it back and get a new one, or they might fix it for you.
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RE:Tattoo coil machine problem

Hey Miroslav. I just watched the video and by no means am I an expert but I've learnt that with coils, it can be a number of things that might be causing that. Your best bet is to troubleshoot every part of the machine till you get it figured out. It can be something as simple as needing a new capacitor, or your coils were not properly made(ie. cheap materials used to make coil core or badly wrapped coil). It could be something as simple as not having the proper gapping between the armature bar and or if the frame material not being a good conductor, you might need to put a yoke on it. Find as much info as you can, there's a lot of good publications out there about machines like Machine Gun Magazine from Eikon or Tattoo Machines and their secrets from the Godoy brothers. Something that helped me a lot was taking a machine building seminar with Rob Rutherford and it was extremely informative. I hope this helped out
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