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Cheyenne vs ttech. Opinions please

I've been using my cheyenne thunder now for a few months and have been using ttech needles from the start, I recently bought some cheyenne needles to try out and I just wanted to get peoples opinions. I found the cheyenne needles are great to get soft bng shades but I found It hard to get strong textures/solids with the cheyenne needles as aposed the the ttechs.

Just wondering what people's opinions on the two are ?
I use normal gauge needles not Bugpins. Thanks!


RE:Cheyenne vs ttech. Opinions please

Since you use the normal gauge needles which I guess would be 12. The Cheyenne needles I believe are 10's, that is why you would get softer results with black and grey and tougher to get colors packed in, which isn't always the case it just depends on how you tattoo. For me, I like having a variety of needles from both both companies, so depending on what I'm working on would make me think about which needles I would like to use on that specific tattoo.
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