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Poor Apprentice

I am in a new apprenticeship and have to take on a part time job that cuts into my shop time. Its definitely taking away from my focus but i don't know what to do?! I paid for this apprenticeship much like paying for school but as i recall i wasn't making any dollars in school either. I need ideas on how to survive and have a few dollars extra, each week, while apprenticing. This sucks and the sacrifice is real...Please help.Extremely poor apprentice who could use a pack of Ramen right about now...


RE:Poor Apprentice

Being an apprentice is no easy task, especially if you need to make a certain amount of money to survive each month. That's really something you have to figure out for yourself. Some shops will tip out the apprentice if you set the other artists up, break em down, and take care of other things such as taking out there trash, answering the phone, etc. If the shop you are in doesn't do that, maybe you can work something out with the individual artists there and try and make some side money to get you by. If that won't work you might need to get a part time job on the side that doesn't take away from what you should be learning. It's something you're going to have to figure out, because we don't know what your bills are to get by, but if you can get by on bare bones pay, it will be worth it in the end if you're under the roof of a good shop that will teach you what you need to learn to get you on your way.
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RE:Poor Apprentice

Hey dude,
Being an apprentice is hard indeed, but as cliche as it's gonna sound, you'll find a way to make it all work.
Believe me, I know all about it, I'm an apprentice too.
I'm also married, and have a 1 year old son!!
I have a part time job in the morning, I spend the rest of my time at the shop, and once back home, I draw until 2am.
Money's tight, I don't see my son and wife enough, but I know now is the time to make those sacrifices.

I became pretty good at juggling my budget (quite useful! creates good habits for the future, I saw too many artists struggling every week because they are being stupid with money).
I cut down on all the useless money-eating crap not necessary to me or my family.
I picked up that job according to my budget and requirements actually!
*It's close to the shop, so I don't waste time going from A to B
*It covers my basic bills
*The hours are set so I'm not missing too much time at the shop.

As Mike said, you could talk to the guys at your shop and see if you can work something out.
I'd encourage you to venture into producing some art and selling it too.
Just make sure you put 100% into everything you do, keep the quality consistent, and non only it will improve your artwork and skills, but also make you money in the long run, which is pretty much what you're aiming at anyway.
That's something I've done personally, and it's been pushing me.
Keep pushing artistically, don't think about the money just yet, or it will consume you.

Know precisely what you need to live, cut the crap out, and you won't have to worry too much really, basics will be covered! = A clear mind to focus on your art...

I hope this will help

Chris B
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RE:Poor Apprentice

Im an apprentice and work at 2 shops owned by the same guy... I did work and apprentice but got lucky and got fired for nothing so i was able to receive unemployment.. I also make money by setting up and breaking down and getting tipped out. Also when you get far enough you will get to start tattooing a little bit and get paid for those as well.

Either way make it work cause the job is worth it if your going to be good at it! Working labor for shit wages is no way to grow old!
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