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expose sctracher giving hepatitis in the form of a tattoo

a friend of mind recently asked if i go with them to get a tattoo. it was their first one so i agreed. i was shocked when we arrived at a apartment complex at 2405 loyola northway apt. 203 baltimore md 21215 in the greenspring overlook apartments. the guys name was devon hall. he does tattoos out of his mothers living room and i am assuming lives there too. i tried to talk my friend out of it but they got it anyway....days later it became infected. Then they found out they contracted hepatitis. he advertises on instagram under the names treehousedev and treehouseink as well as on facebook under the name Grip Hall. He likes to be contacted by phone 443-500-9541 and email treehousedev@gmail.com EXPOSE THIS MONSTER AND SCRATCHER!!!!DO SO BEFORE HE SPREADS MORE INFECTION!!!!!