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Buisness Cards

hello just wanted to see what yall think
do you print shop info on your buisness cards if you work in a studio or just contact info for your clients to be able to get ahold of you


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Hey man,

There are usually 2 methods of doing business cards for those that work at a studio.

1, if the artist is a private contractor working for the studio, and pays the shop owner a commission on their work, and provide their own supplies. then they are usually responsible for promoting themselves, and will usually put down the information that their customers need to find them, and to let them know where the studio is located. contact information can vary from shop to shop, some artist prefer that they contact their own personal website or email contact and personal phone number, with the shops address.
2. If you are working for a studio as an "employee" that gets paid a commission from the owner, and has the clientele given to you based on portfolio preference and pecking order, then you will need to put the shops information and contact number on there so that they can reach you. if it is ok with the owner, you can ask if it would be ok to add your own personal information, however, that will sometime create suspicion to the owner and they may think you are freelancing on the side. however most owners willl not have a problem with you having a different email to help with your own promotions and customer networking outside of the shop.

For my artist, even though they are contracted artist, I still pay for and provide them with their own business cards, and all advertising, as well as set up individual emails that they can use on my website. Some of my artist will set up a personal Facebook page to try and advertise themselves, however they will do better if they utilize the information and contact support I provide on my website. I am not very strict with my, artist, they are free to do what they wish to promote themselves, If they want to do up their own cards with their own info,or build their own website that's fine too, I'm not going to interfere with them. I am always happy to help them if they need it. I will promote them as often as I can using my Kryptonian Ink brand. The more you can link yourself with the brand and name of the shop you're working at, the better the networking will be throughout the ad word links of the internet. The only time I will interfere with the self promotions of my artist, is if their actions are damaging the reputation of my shop or my brand.

hope that helps, Take care.

Stephen Stacey
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RE:Buisness Cards

that helped alot, thank you
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