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Hello everyone!

I'm currently in the thought process of building myself a coil machine from scratch, but I want to have a play about with some ideas, specifically changes to the way the coils will be made.

I've been trying to think of ways to create a better running machine, and one idea I had is to potentially change the material used to wrap the coils. I thought maybe using either gold, platinum or tin to wrap the coils with, or possibly finding a way to build a solid block around the core of the coil with the choice material. I'm thinking those materials because they've got a lower reactivity and higher conductivity than copper.

This is a completely new concept for me, I've used rotarys since day one but I've recently bought myself an emillions mini Milton and I've fallen in love with coils and everyone's gotta have a wee side project on the go! :P

Any help and input would be greatly appreciated, I'm pretty much going on blind right now!

Kind Regards,




a rotary motor still has copper magnet wire coiled up. it's the same dam concept only instead of directional it's radial.

if you can afford gold then......I got some swampland in florida prime realestate a real buyers market.

basics are that your binging post hole lines with the first coil core for short stroke and foward of it for long stroke.

you can tune a coil to do almost anything but purpose built with always be better and longer running.
So look ad designs and configurations because they've been around for over a hundred years. When i first started in this the coil machines made me laugh at how archaic they were. Now i see exactly why they are the way they are. I do long for expensive rotaries, but i'll never put down the coils.
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the issue is magnet wire is coated to prevent shorting out as its wrapped around the core.

if you were to find coated wire of another variety, you would have to do some crazy math to figure out how many wraps/turns of the alternate wire to create the same magnetic field to be similar to copper.

this math would also determine the gauge of the wire as well. common magnet wire is 24awg.

go with copper magnet wire, keep the turns flat and even, use your creativity on the coil covers.
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id just like to say that if its not broke then dont fix it. coils have been tweaked out of years and they always go back to the basics. somethings can get to the point of perfection and we as humans have to just accept that. i agree with the guys on this.stick with what works, and tweak out on other things .gold frames,platinum springs, and a machine that runs anywhere, anytime with no brake downs or tune ups. hell yeah!!!!! and then we will all be happy....
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