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Skin tones for covering skin condition?


I have keratosis pilaris, which is a genetic skin disorder that causes those small red bumps. There is no cure & I have tried every product out there with no success.

Would it be effective to spot treat several areas of my body with skin tone color?

From what I've read colors under the flesh tone would come through eventually, in my case the redness.

Thank you


RE:Skin tones for covering skin condition?

ask your dermatologist where in the skin layers the coloration is.
Here are a few points to considder:
1, tattoos are usualy liquid and suspended in the cells of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. This may or may not be placed to hide the redness.

2. Sunlight is a tattoo's main enemy. You'll have to preserve this dermatological tattoo with sunblock, pretty much at all times. If it fades or you tan, the ink will look just as out of place as the redness, only more unnatural.

3. a tattoo has a chance of micro scaring, and keyloiding even if done properly. once scarred, skin is much more difficult to re-tattoo and should only be done by people with a hystory of SUCCESSFUL coverups.

4. and this is the most important part of understanding tattoos and colors: A layer of skin heals OVER a tattoo. Like a clear coat, and it does have some natural pigment in it. This is why some tattoos look dulled after healing.
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RE:Skin tones for covering skin condition?

i dont know if this is something that you have tryed.but i have the same problem mine is not too bad but bad enough. i did notice that during the summer the darker tan that i got the more mine went away. until my dark tan would leave.then it comes right back but i have to just deal with it because of my tattoos,they are more important to me lol.anyway i agree with toreodor go with a medical treatment. tattooing it will just make things look worst. skin tones are way to hard to match just because your skin is alive and is always changing.you have to remember that the human skin is very fluid like and is always moveing and regenerating so to match a certain color to a certian area would be very hard proably impossible, just the tattooing and the healing its self would already change the skin and tones.then you have to facter in tanning,bloodpresure,body temp,any of this would change the skin color around the tattooed area and make it stand out.sorry but, hope this helps
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