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mixing colors with white ink?

Hi everyone I have a question I was recently told that I was not allowed to mix my white ink with colors or black. He said that it causes infection because white tends to push colors up to the surface because of how heavy of a pigment white is. Can someone please answer this question. I was taught it was ok and have never had a problem with mixing.


RE:mixing colors with white ink?


Hey Cat,

The information that was given to you is completely false and kinda funny to hear. lol. It is perfectly ok to mix white with any color. there are however rare cases where one brand of ink can have a reaction when mixed with another brand, especially if you are using poor quality inks from 2 different cheap manufacturers. If you stick with top ink brands like, Eternal, Fusion, Or intenze, you should not have any issues mixing colors... most quality inks will have a msds sheet that covers the ingredients in their brands if you want to further research more

Take care,

Stephen Stacey
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