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hawk grip stiff and powder residue

Has anyone else has problems when using the cheyenne hawk and ttechs ? Lately I've been having problems with the grip tightening up and trouble adjusting the throw. Also there seems to be some sort of white powder in the grip im assuming that's from the ttechs.
I'm running the machine at a normal voltage, I ultrasonic the grip once and that seemed to solve the problem for a few days but its back.
Many info would be appreciated


RE:hawk grip stiff and powder residue

I use hawk grip and 90%ttech10%cheyenne cartridges. Luckily I was warned from another artist about the powder/dust from the ttechs prior to even changing over to cartridges. I just blow out the dust out of the grip after every session. I had a problem with my grip locking up after an autoclaving. I used a SMALL amount of wd-40 right at the top stem and grip, worked the grip until it loosened up. It has been fine ever since. Hope this helps.
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