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Intenze formula 23 black tattoo ink- where is the missing 3 oz?

I buy today the new Intenze black tattoo ink, Formula 23
I saw the bottle is smaller, as a Zuper Black ink
I measure the ink from the bottle of Formula 23, and i got only 265 ml of tattoo ink. And that cost a lot of money!
It's a big lie! On the bottle you find 355 ml (12oz), but inside its only 265 ml of ink. Where is the other 90 ml? (3oz)?
Why Intenze do this with tattoo artists? Intenze was my favourite ink, since 2007, and now they lie over 100.000 people!
sorry for my bad english
Tattoo artist need to know the truth!


RE:Intenze formula 23 black tattoo ink- where is the missing 3 oz?


Intenze Formula 23 comes is a 10 oz formula. Although the container may be a 12 ounce container. Or some suppliers are advertising it as a 12 ounce bottle, they are incorrect.. 10 ounces is what you are paying for. if you check with the Intenze website. you can clearly see that they advertise it as a 10 ounce bottle..

hope that helps..

take care.

Stephen Stacey
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