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hawk needles

as many known tattoo artists are using the needles of the hawk i decided to try them.
the result was simple, it is impossible to make a solid tattoo with these needles.
are good for color blending, but for serious color packing forget about it...


RE:hawk needles


Perhaps you just need to spend a little more time getting use to them. However I have never had any issues with color packing with them, and I have seen some incredible color saturated tattoos up close and personal both healed and fresh from such talented artist as Roman Abrego, Randy Engelhard, Poch Best, Paul Acker, and many others. Like any new tool, it sometimes just take a little getting use to before you can get the results you want.

Take care.

Stephen Stacey
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RE:hawk needles

you are right brian, renowned tattoo artists began to play with tattoos,:)
this kind of neddles is for kids
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