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Tattoo Critique

A client recently asked if I would do a black and grey portrait of Jesus. I told him I have never done one before but he was a friend and wanted me to challenge myself.

I know I am really putting myself out there, but I would like the most brutal critique possible on my first black and grey portrait ever. I would love any input. Thank you in advance.

Here is a link to the image if you want.


Things I noticed about it already:

- Eyes aren't same size/ Off center
-Beard isn't even
-Hairline on the left needs more hair
-Nose/Eyebrow shading need to be smoother.
-Crown of thorns is lost in the hair


RE:Tattoo Critique

I typed a long and drawn out reply on how to learn to do portraits and then when i replied it gave me some server error.
Then i Thought what if i did a tattoo like that, and posted it here. And i got angry so...

I'm self taught, completely selft taught, and never did a tattoo that bad. And regardless out of respect of the artists here i would never have posted it HERE.
there is your answer.
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