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friction tattoo supply

What do you guys think about hurricane power supply? And friction tattoo power supply? I want a decent power supply but I'm at a buget $80 help please


RE:friction tattoo supply

in all honesty, any power supply will work with some mild exceptions.

more digital types use pulse width modulation and since you have a capacitor on your coil machine, this works. Some rotaries wonk spin smoothly with "cheaper" digital power supplies.

Analog supplies are built differently now and are not as inefficient, so....

from 20$ to 300$ plus you kind of get the same thing.

Friction tattoo is an excellent company, I've had them on the phone to talk about issues and they've handled them much more generously then i had expected or even wanted.
i would get one or two simple supplies and save for the cadillac model to treat yourself when you can afford to. That way you have some for back up as well.
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RE:friction tattoo supply

i love friction for tubes and needles, and some other random items, but you can find that same power supply on ebay for $40.

dont pay more for the exact same thing. and before you say knockoff, you need to know that hurricane is already a knockoff.

i owned the same power supply for 3 years and never had an issue with it. i passed it down to an apprentice and they are still enjoying it today.
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