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Problem with ink

Hi You !!!
Today I was tattooing a friend of mine ... I was finishing is full sleeve. I was trying for the first time 23 magnum (never used more than 15mag) ... and Scorpion Ink with mixing solution ... I am an eternal fan, but I had to try this ... so I did my greywash. .. and I started ... but the problem was that the needles was painting around ... in the center, nothing was happening, I changed my eternal, same problem, and I moved to 11mag (i use a lot), the ..I do not even kept the tattoo ... I tried on me later and the same thing. I use a dragonfly, and my power supply is a critical, both are new (six months maximum) .. I'm just tattoing about 3 years (and yes, I had two years out of the design and tattoo before learning) and I was alone in the studio at the time, later I asked my partner but my partner never had this problem ... I can not get it.
basically the needles in the center didn't tattooed, only the needles of tips
Anything say, my English is not perfect;)
And thank you!