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stigma machines

Whats your opinion on the best stigma machine for b&g. Hyper v3, Prodigy or beast?


RE:stigma machines

I purchased a Hyper v3 a couple months ago and haven't been able to put it down. I have literally used it for every tattoo I've done since, if any color packing or shading is required at all.

I've used it a couple times for line work, and it handles it no problem. I just tend to stay true to my old Ciferri liner that has treated me so well over the years.

The reason I went with the Hyper, is the flexibility offered by the machine without the need to take it apart and change anything. Your give can be adjusted on the fly from the top, just like a contact screw.

I've had phenomenal results with both color packing AND soft black and grey just by adjusting the screw on top to provide more or less give.

All around thumbs up to stigma for the Hyper 3. I'll be buying another in the near future. Hope this helps
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