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cheap small autoclave?


I'm very new to tattooing. I studied fine art and my strength is in drawing.

I have recently decided I would like to learn to tattoo as a lot of my drawings consist of geometric mandalas and an assortment of things that would make interesting tattoos (I am told).

I have a simple rotary (hummingbird)) and have slowly buying tools whenever I can afford them. I have a job which I cannot leave and cannot afford an apprenticeship so I'm going down the path of the self taught artist.

I'm very big one doing things properly so I am learning as much as I can about the health and safety involved in the process.

My question is, I want to autoclave my stuff to be on the safest side possible. Does anyone know of a small affordable autoclave that would be accessible to use at home?

At this stage I am practicing on pig skin and on myself.

Any help will be much appreciated.



RE:cheap small autoclave?

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RE:cheap small autoclave?

there are the pressure cooker autoclaves that can be as cheap as 300$. You'll need the right sized pouches and "test strips" That can be baught in a bag of a thousand. They will read the right temp pressure and time. better than a spore test and faster.
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?No matter what clave you use you must use distilled water or your steel will collect the minerals and get ruined.
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