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Cheyenne Hawk Pen cable issues

I just got my first Cheyenne and I decided to go for the Pen so my little issue is now I don't use a cheyenne power supply I'm using Critical and I had to order the cable for the extra power needed but now with the new cable the machine have this weird sound that to me is not right and I feel it too soft but with the old cable does not make the sound. I also notice that some of the cables have the head of full metal and others just rubber. Is there anything else I need to buy or just use the cheyenne power supply???????


RE:Cheyenne Hawk Pen cable issues

Hey mate. I know what your talking about. Almost asif it 'revs' up as u start the machine? Completely normal im told. I found with mine i didnt lose any power though (i have critical also) ..if you dont want to use the booster cable...pre set you liner setting to 12v and switch to the volts you use on shader setting and flick across whilst the machine is running..the only problem with this is i find it rather annoying..haha have fun
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