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disinfect help

Hi, ive been drawing for the past five years and have recently got into tattooing I have tried to get an apprenticeship for ages and no luck so I decided to practice from home (not on people) just fake skin I studied hard and have set a room up in my house just for practicing. I didn't buy a kit I studied and bought my equipment individually I have a stealth rotary and a bishop, quantum pigments, clipcoard covers machine bags etc..... I could go on however when I practice, I tattoo as if I am tattooing a person as in baging everything all disposables and clean down the same. But my question is I use dettol to clean down everything sides etc.. And machinery is this ok or should I be using something else

Any help would be great


RE:disinfect help

there are many great products on the market today.if you are doing all that you say then you are ahead of a lot of people. as long as you are only practicing on fake skin and keeping it that way then i think you are fine with what you are doing. its when you start breaking real skin that you have to step up your game. i would like to mention that fake skin has came a long way but it is not breathing living tissue so you will be limited on what you can learn. some old school guys use to go to the market and get pig ears and skin from the butcher and practice on that. now we have some better products like fake skin, thin sheets of foam from crafting stores.and the newest thing i have seen is from Pound of Flesh they carry fake body parts. look them up if you haven't heard of them. they are a bit pricey for practicing though. but a great product. now if i where you i would go ahead and step up your game and start using the same products that shops use just so you learn them inside and out. copy and read all the MSDS sheets on every thing you use. keep records of everything make up folders for it all . i would turn your practice area into a practice shop (i repeat a practice on fake skin only shop) sounds funny but if you surf the net for shop info you will find what you need to put one together for practicing .and here is why, you will have a dedicated area that is meant for just tattooing.all your supplies will only be used there that way you will not end up practicing in your kitchen or bed and getting bad habits. only take products into your little shop that you are going to keep there make a product inventory and keep track of everything. be as professional as you can be when you are at the fake shop. clean clean clean all the time.learn about cross contamination work as you are in a real shop somewhere. and practice all the time. now this is why i say to do this ,you will gain important knowledge of the little things like inventory ,MSDS files , how to clean things up , structure,cross contamination and you will start to have pride for yourself and for the art itself . some of these things would help you greatly if you were to get a apprenticeship in a shop. just remember that once you become a apprentice you will have to go by their standards. but at least you will have some knowledge on most things. any way here is a list of things that i use they may differ from shop to shop but this should get you started. dial hand soap(gold kind),liquid hand sanitizer,distilled water,Madacide,Cavicide, and my new friend method foaming hand wash it will save your hands from all the washing and the gloves.there are more things like floor care,different types of wipes for equipment and like glass cleaners but you can figure those ones out on your own. the biggest one to have to say is Madacide. great product it kills a lot of things.order that for sure.machine care can be tricky especially when it comes to cleaning them. bag your machines it cuts down on ink splatter. i switched over to a cartridge disposable system.that way the ink cannot go up the tube and get on the machines and i would use disinfecting wipes to wipe them down. just watch out for rust build up or corrosion. see what other artist are trying and try them too. mike has some great products that he uses find out what he is using and follow him. i do want to note that this message is intended to help people to learn to practice on fake skin and that only! it is not a guide to open up a shop for tattooing people.i believe in doing that the right way and not taking short cuts.....anyway hope this helps
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