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spring saddle issues

I built a frame (walker for what its worth) and my geometry is great, everything seems spot on, except for one thing, my spring saddle/deck seems to be barely uneven which is causing my armature bar to hit the outer side of my front coil slightly before the rest of it. Ive noticed that my speed and duty cycle fluctuates by a range of 10hz and by about 3 percent on this machine. Obviously its not running perfectly so is there anything i can do about it? And What are potential problems this may cause?


RE:spring saddle issues

couple different things. as a hobby, you could always buy a new frame. ive got buckets of parts left over from my machine building days.

if you are set on using the frame. check to see if your shim on your front coil is uneven. many times, the shim will be tweaked and it will tilt the front coil to the side. loosen the front coil and rotate the shim 180 degrees to confirm. if the arm bar hits the coil on the opposite side, use a different shim. if you arent using a shim under your front coil, you need to figure out why. your arm bar should hit flat on the front coil only, with a paper thickness gap on the rear coil. this is accomplished using a shim under the front coil.

if you still cant figure it out, flip your rear spring upside down. if the armbar now hits on the opposite side, replace the rear spring.

if by now, you still cant figure it out. remove the coils, take a crescent wrench, place it on the end of the arm bar and give it a slight twist. this is a very crappy way to fix the issue. but if its for hobby reasons, why not.
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